Beautiful Living, 7 Steps to Re-Create & Re-Design Your Life.

Beautiful Living, 7 Steps to Re-Create & Re-Design Your Life.

What if there were a step-by-step guide and workbook for redesigning your whole life?

Do you daydream about the day you’ll be happier?

Yearn to feel truly comfortable in your skin?

Secretly long for the dreams you really have for yourself?

Sure, we all do! Wishing and hoping for the life you want is the easy part, right?

And all too simple to beat yourself up because you can’t seem to find your way there.

Beautiful Living is the map to change you’ve been looking for. For real this time.

Welcome to your real life. Your beautiful life. The life you create.

This is the day you lose yourself in what you’re supposed-to-be.

Because this is the day that you take that first step. The day you look back upon - from the delicious life you’ve created - and say to yourself with pride, ‘That’s where it all started!’

You already know that every journey begins with ONE step. But which one?

That is precisely what we will uncover together in this life-transforming program!

Beautiful Living is different because each step requires you to take REAL action.

So every day you get tangibly closer to what you want most.

So that you don’t regret another single moment of just wishing for it!

Because you KNOW deep down that your beautiful life has been waiting for you to show up!
Here’s what you’ll do to get there.

This program charts your path in seven clear steps. Each step begins with an in-depth audio lesson with real-life examples. Then, you’ll dive into the workbook to make each step your own.

Step 1: How To Let Go

To see your new path clearly, we’ll need to do some clearing. Our first step is to empty your life of the belongings, people, symbols, and beliefs that are blocking the way. Yes, it’s hard work. It’s also necessary work. And you ARE worth it.

Step 2: Find Your Way Back

Each of us has experienced moments of exhilaration. Perfect flashes - no matter how brief or how long ago - when your life’s purpose quietly declared itself to you. In this step, you’ll find your way back to those moments and learn to dream from them again.

Step 3: Wholly Commit Yourself

You’re no stranger to commitment! In fact, you’ve devoted yourself over and over again to helping others. Now you will do the same for yourself. It’s not so difficult with the mental tips you’ll find here. You will keep your word and pursue your beautiful life through the ups and downs of this journey.

Step 4: Create The Future

It’s happening! We’ve cleared out the past, identified your destination, and committed to making it happen. Now you’ll begin FILLING your physical space with the ideas, symbols, and reminders you’ll need along the way. You will build your own lighthouse to guide you at all times.

Step 5: Find Your People

Now, let’s identify the people who are waiting to walk this path with you! No one does it alone, but you’ll be going deeper than that! You’ll enlist the people you know - and don’t know yet - who will ensure your success. They will be the inner circle you’ve always wanted and needed.

Step 6: Move Into Your New Life

Your physical surroundings - especially the spaces in which you live - are a powerful reflection of your inner life. Now it’s time to create the beautiful living space that mirrors all the changes you’re making - one beautiful room at a time!

Step 7: No Regrets

You’ve worked so hard and with such intention, there’s no turning back now. But this is real life, right? There will most certainly be challenges, days of doubt, and moments when you taste what feels like failure. In this last step, you’ll discover ways to use difficult times as opportunities to take your growth even further … forever.

I’m Laurel! It is MY life’s purpose and true honor to walk this path with you.

Don't wait any longer, if not now, when? Your time is now!

  • What can I say...she's fabulous and fun!

    My husband and I are working with Laurel. She is the Beautiful Living Coach. This is brand new to us. Laurel is helping us turn out house into a HOME after downsizing and moving into an older, smaller house. What can I say...she's fabulous and fun.

    Pauline Daniel Life Coach at Coaching Connections

    Listens to your wants, understands your needs and then creates your dreams

    Laurel is someone who listens to your wants, understands your needs and then creates your dreams. She is fast, efficient and effective. i truly trust her opinion. She offers creative, beautiful ways of offering helpful advice. I love what she does.

    Tanya Marie Finley Owner at Finley's Bar and Grill

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