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I will teach you how to create the vision for your life, set goals for yourself and then create the spaces that support your vision and set intentions for your goals with your stuff.

Watch this video and get to know Laurel

Watch this video and get to know Laurel

Watch the video and hear My story and get to know me and how I have been there and made my way to here! I am living a happy and joyous life with a loving family and doing work I love. It is the dream Life I wanted and asked for. The secret is you must know what you want in order to ask, I love to help people find out what they want in life.

Laurel is the Beautiful Living Coach

Beauty, whatever that means to you, is a big part of living the life you can love. You need to feel empowered and supported in your environment. It is key to allowing you to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Hi, I am Laurel and I am The beautiful Living Coach. I have spent the last few years totally re-creating and re-designing my life in order to live the life I love and spend my time doing things I enjoy and with whom I enjoy.
I am sure we are a lot alike.
I love to give and am a very nurturing person, to a fault at one point in my life. I didn't realize that by giving up my needs i was actually not allowing myself to be the best me I could be for others.

I was struggling with inner turmoil and resentment toward people who were allowing nice things for themselvles. I believed I needed to sacfirice in order to be a good homemaker, mother and employee.

I was also struggling financially and it wasn't until I stopped sweeping my bad money mindset under the carpet that the real transformation began.

A true Awakening is when you look at all apsects of blocks, including money, which are keeping you from having what you want, not the actual cash but the sabotaging habits and worthiness issues.

I used to keep myself so busy that I hardly even had a chance to think. Taking care of (someone else's) business, home and family is a great way to keep distracted from thinking about your needs, personal and finacial health.

Fumbling through each day and arriving home each evening i would be so overwhelmed and exhausted it was all I could do to get the dinner done and cleaned up before retiring to my bed in exhaustion.
I had unopened bills piling up and a basement full of the children's outgrown clothes and sporting equipment.

In 2012 I attended the Western School of Feng Shui to complement my work as a Decorator. It was here that I came to realize that my home environment was actually a huge part of why I felt so exhausted and overwhelmed. I learned how to change my environment to support and nurture myself and my family and now home is a restorative happy place to spend time and share meals and enjoy.
I also learned that keeping track of my money is essential to feeling a sense of freedom.

At that time as well I began to dig deeper spiritually and have devoured countless books and attended numerous trainings of healing and transformation as well as business and marketing. I have experienced many powerful breakthroughs and can help you do the same.
There really is a relationship between business and spirituality. We need to be congruent between the two and it is also important to be our authentic selves.

My authentic passion is to help you find your true essence and live your purpose and create your Big Vision.
I want to help you get clarity on your goals and support and guide you as you create strategies to make them happen in a way that works for you.
No stone is left unturned!

Laurel is Fabulous and Fun!

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  • Laurel's expertise made my heart sing!

    It's not just about the paint on the walls, it's more about the colours that make your personality and heart a part of your home. Laurel's expertise with colour and design made my heart sing.

    Cheryl Cote Owner, Esprit de la Femme Lingerie

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