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10 Ways to Your Best Patio Season, Starting Now That Spring is Finally Here in BC

It's finally spring, now let's start planning for an awesome patio season.

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The Power or Taking Courses with Teachers and Mentors

We all need teachers. Coaches and Mentors and today as I was reading the blog post of one of my Teacher/Mentors it occurred to me how my business changed so much as a result of taking her Decorating and True Colour Expert training ...

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Success From The Heart, 35 Stories of Transformation

I am excited to let you know that I have had the honour of being a Co-Author with Adam Markel of New Peaks and 34 other amazing Authors. This book has been released on Amazon!!! I am officially a Best ...

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Energy Clutter-What You Need to Know About Clutter Part 3

Clutter comes in many forms, as we are learning and it does not always look like a pile or a jumble or disarray as it is defined in the dictionary, at all! Sometimes clutter is in the form of a ...

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Symbolic Clutter-What You Need to Know About Clutter Part 2

I hope you have been busy removing your common clutter since last weeks post and if so then I am sure you are beginning to feel a sense of relief and freedom from clearing that stuff out! I really feel ...

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What You Need to Know About Clutter Part 1-Common Clutter

I really want to help you to live your best life ever, since that is what I want for myself, and why shouldn’t we have it? We deserve it. I have even created my own 7 Step System for ...

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The Art of Beautiful Living

Beautiful Living is simple enough. It is the art of finding the beauty in life. The beauty in every moment of every day. Over the years it has become my practice to always look for the bright side or put ...

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Things My Wallet Told Me

What am I doing with my money? What kind of money mindset do I have. Kendall Summerhawk  says” How you do Money is How you do everything” I am taking a long hard look at ...

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Pink is the New Black

I love the mix of pink and gold, patina and glam. From fuchsia to bubblegum to blush to mauve, pink is one of the key colour trends for fall/winter 2015. Adding hues of pink to your wardrobe and décor ...

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Just Married? Read This Now!

Home is Where Your Love Is Congratulations! You are married and embarking on a wonderful new chapter of life with your spouse. As a Decorator and Feng Shui Consultant and just plain old someone with experience I would like to ...

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How to Balance Your life in Five Elements

One role I like to consider for myself is the role of Environmental Healer. My business is to help people live happier, healthier, fulfilled lives and my goal each day is to enjoy the process of achieving this for myself ...

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The Five W's of Feng Shui

Who- anyone  from babies to pets to can enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui. What- Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement. Feng meaning wind and shui meaning water was originally used to locate auspicious placement for burial sites ...

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Sleep Well, Live Well

The best thing you can do for yourself is get a good night’s sleep. Science backs this up. A good night’s sleep can improve memory and performance at work or school. Children who lack a good night’s ...

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Patina is beautiful!

Patina is a beautiful and inspirational colour....

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