Energy Clutter-What You Need to Know About Clutter Part 3

Laurel Colins |

Interior Decorator Vancouver

Clutter comes in many forms, as we are learning and it does not always look like a pile or a jumble or disarray as it is defined in the dictionary, at all! Sometimes clutter is in the form of a single piece of furniture. A piece that is nice enough, it’s fine, it has some redeeming qualities. It used to be your grandmothers. You inherited it.

Or it is the oak hutch you bought in your 20’s and it cost a lot of money and you were with your former spouse then.

Or maybe it is the vase you got for your birthday from that friend of yours who isn't a healthy relationship but more of an energy sucker, and actually toxic for you.

It’s just a vase, or a hutch but it has an invisible cord attached to it. It is actually speaking to your subconscious mind and reminding you of unpleasant feelings or memories or triggering anger which is actually depleting your energy.

These things that don’t resemble clutter in the traditional manner which you keep because you feel you should, have an invisible cord attached to some guilt or bad and unsettled feelings. Even though your conscious mind knows better, your subconscious mind is feeling the effects of this and you don't necessarily realize how it is keeping you stuck or emotionally drained. This is called Energy Clutter.

Our brains are so fascinating, our conscious brain is quite a bit smaller than the unconscious brain. This is why you can know something in you rational mind, but your unconscious mind overrides it. So even though you know that is a nice vase from a friend, you're subconsciously stressing about the last unpleasant interaction you had with that person and it is silently zapping your energy.

Do you have energy clutter? It is very important that you go throughout your home, office, garage and notice what you are keeping that makes you feel guilty or unhappy or has any kind of negative connotation to it. Gifts from past relationships that you only keep because they have monetary value but represent an unhappy memory are not worth keeping for the toll it takes on your energy level. Cut the invisible cords and let yourself free to move forward with your life and the dreams you have for your future. If you can't figure out what your dream for your future is then rest assured that once you start moving all these items from your environment and start spending more time looking at what inspires you as opposed to what depletes you, the vision for you future will start to appear. You just need to free your mind in order to see it.

I totally believe that we all deserve to live happy and fulfilled lives and the way we do this is by letting go of what keeps us stuck in the past and creating a vision for what we want today. Your best life starts today. I know it can seem overwhelming but all you need to do is get started. Just go move one thing out of your environment and you have begun. The shift is happening and it will keep on happening one item, one thought at a time.

If you haven't gotten my free gift on the 7 keys to total happiness and fulfillment yet go and grab it at Free Gift and i am starting my group Virtual Training in mid October so sign up for that here Virtual Training. In the meantime, go and move something right now and then celebrate your success. You have begun.

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