Symbolic Clutter-What You Need to Know About Clutter Part 2

Laurel Colins |

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I hope you have been busy removing your common clutter since last weeks post and if so then I am sure you are beginning to feel a sense of relief and freedom from clearing that stuff out!

I really feel very strongly about clutter as you may have gathered. It is so powerful in a negative way but I do want to remind you that not all stuff is clutter.

So if you love having piles of magazines or books around you, or lots of clothes or kitchen accessories, that is ok!

Here is a very nice and tidy way to keep all those magazines near you, source.

If you love it and use it then it is part of what makes your space yours. It is what gives your space a personality, your Chi (life force energy) that is unique and inspires you. I don't want you to think you need to live in a clinical clean environment.

What I am talking about is the negative stuff. I want to help you identify what is holding you back that don't even realize. The impact it has is insidious. It is speaking to your subconscious mind and your conscious mind isn’t even aware of the messages it is getting. All you know is you feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired, you avoid being at home or you tend to stay in certain areas of your space and don’t ever enter into other areas because they just don’t feel good.

Today I am going to let you know about Symbolic clutter. This is the stuff that is affecting you in an emotional way that you may not even realize.

If you look around your home or office, you most likely have items, like art, equipment, books, that you keep even though there is a negative association attached to them.

You may be keeping a piece of Art over you fireplace that is 20 years old and it’s just always been there so it never occurs to you to move it, but now that I have brought your attention to it, when you actually think about it, you really don’t even like it that much and it doesn’t inspire you! The symbology of the Art you keep should be positive.

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This is a lovely picture but it may not symbolize what you want in your life,she looks kind of sad and definitely lonely and you may be wanting to be more social but this is what you look at everyday which reinforces to your subconscious that you want to be alone, therefor, not the symbol to keep looking at source.

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Okay it's a little cliche but this symbolizes two pretty happy people and it is a great example of a loving relationship so if that is what you want in your life then reinforce that intention with Art that displays what you want source.

Even keeping books that made you frightened or projects that you have never completed, they are all sending negative messages to your subconscious, such as I never finish anything or I am scared. And what about that treadmill you never use, these things are hounding you and it’s exhausting.

So go and take a look. What is in your space that reminds you of something negative. If it needs to be removed then do it. If it is a project that needs to be completed, complete it or give it to someone who will. If it is fitness equipment, same thing, use it or get it out.

Be realistic and only keep what makes you feel really good. My goal here is to open your eyes to what is surrounding you and start assessing how it makes you feel.

We want to feel good, inspired and supported in an environment that nurtures our souls.

Have fun with this, lighten your load and next time let’s talk about Energy Clutter.

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