What You Need to Know About Clutter Part 1-Common Clutter

Laurel Colins |

Interior Decorator Vancouver

I really want to help you to live your best life ever, since that is what I want for myself, and why shouldn’t we have it? We deserve it. I have even created my own 7 Step System for making it happen.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing some great information and ideas you can implement easily.

What I have realized through my own process of transformation is that the MOST important thing you can do is get rid of clutter. In my system it is the very first step you must take. You need a clean canvas to work with in order to create what you want in your life or even to figure out what you want your best life to look like!

Clear your mind!

So clutter clearing it is and it includes all kinds of clutter, mind and emotional clutter, closet clutter, kitchen clutter, office clutter, email clutter, toxic people clutter, toiletry clutter, garden clutter, laundry room clutter and even items that you keep which may not seem like clutter but they have an energetic attachment to them which does not make you feel good when you look at it. All of this is depleting your energy.

Clutter clogs up every aspect of your life. It stresses you out and you may not even realize the overwhelm you may feel is coming from all the tasks that are around you all the time. This includes weeds in your garden.

So over the next several weeks I want to identify the different types of clutter so that you can be aware of it as you start to work on your environment.

The first one is Common Clutter;

  • it is that junk drawer that you shove everything in.
  • the pile of newspapers and junk mail in the foyer or even piling up in the recycling area.
  • It is the broken items you keep with the idea that you will fix them but never do.
  • It is the clothing that you are hanging on to.
  • the toys that you keep even though the kids are long past playing with.
  • them books and magazines overflowing theirs shelves and coffee tables.

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From the junk drawer!

So go and start clearing out the common clutter, even if you only do one drawer a day, or one recycling bag. Commit to 20 minutes a day and I promise you will feel a sense of accomplishment and remember to celebrate your successes. Every bit of clutter gone is freeing up your mind and your life for more of what you want. If you really want to feel a big difference then commit to doing an entire room. Don't stop until it's cleared out. You will be blown away at how you feel. Or, alternatively, choose a category like clothing, and go throughout your space and remove all clothing which is no longer needed, not just from one room, but from all areas. This technique will serve you even better for clutter clearing satisfaction and it means that category is checked right off the list. Done!!

Next time we will talk about Symbolic Clutter!

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