Things My Wallet Told Me

Laurel Colins |

Interior Decorator Vancouver


What am I doing with my money? What kind of money mindset do I have. I have heard 'How you do Money is How you do everything' so I am taking a long hard look at my money habits.

There are definitely money issues I need to deal with. How have I been sabotaging my money areas of my life? There are lots of ways to unblock these ingrained poor habits but to begin I am using some Feng Shui on myself. I started by looking at the Wealth and Prosperity corner of my home, which happens to be my bedroom.

In that corner is an old Canadiana pine cupboard with a distressed paint finish. I considered freshening it up with new paint, but thought that would be a shame to cover over the lovely old paint and patina that I so love.

So instead went to work on the inside which is a collection all my jewellery and precious memory items such as notes to the Tooth Fairy from one of my daughters as well as a little collection of love notes that I cherish. It was an unorganized mess.

Now what is that saying about how I am respecting my valued items. It sure gives a strong message that I do not value them enough to take care and order with them. If I want more abundance to appear in my life I had best show some respect to the abundance that I have. So the whole cupboard was emptied and cleaned; in, under, over , around and every item was touched and admired and replaced in a nicely organized manner.

Then I reclaimed a small hanging crystal light from my younger daughter Jewal’s room and hung it above the cupboard. It looks so pretty and was casting such and appealingly soft light and the shadows it threw upon the walls from the dangling crystal strands made me love that corner like never before. A lovely shrine was now created in my wealth and prosperity area. I was always so busy allowing myself to be distracted by other things, work or just sitting around being overwhelmed to take the time to care for what is truly important and essential.

Next I go to take a long hard look at my wallet, I knew I needed a new one, I knew it was old,  I knew it was falling apart, but I didn’t stop to think about the message I was giving  to my subconscious about how I care and respect for the very container in which I carry  my money and credit cards and receipts and business cards, all very important and valuable items.

 Wow, there was a big message for me here.  This wallet was older than my oldest daughter Lillea, and she was born in 1997!! It was falling apart and the change section had a hole so the change would fall out. I am pretty sure having a wallet that money falls out of is bad Fend Shui.

 The message I am sending out to the universe is, money isn’t worth my time, I don’t need a nice wallet to carry my money,  I am leaking money.  I throw away money, I don’t care.

So I replaced it, immediately and I was sure to make a strong Feng Shui message with it. It is in purples and blues with some hits of pink and gold. It is a little flashy in a classy kind of way,  it is soft and beautiful leather and it is purple which is a great colour for  wealth and prosperity.

Now whenever I hold it or lovingly take money out or in I will be reminding myself of my new money mindset, I respect the abundance I have. I no longer let money fall out of my life. I will give it generously and graciously and I will hold onto what I have with great respect.