How to Balance Your life in Five Elements

Laurel Colins |

Interior Decorator Vancouver

One role I like to consider for myself is the role of Environmental Healer. My business is to help people live happier, healthier, fulfilled lives and my goal each day is to enjoy the process of achieving this for myself. I moved to a small town in the Kootenays to raise my 2 daughters. I wasn't worried about the potential limitations of living in a small town, because I always recall my Mothers wise words "where ever you are, your good will come to you". It has been my goal to gain this balance for myself and on my Feng Shui and Decorating journey of healing I am sharing my lessons. When I see other peoples needs I am able to use my innate practicality to help make the other person’s dreams come true.

Feng Shui Vancouver
YinYang with the Yin quality of the shag rug and chrry blossoms mixed with solid Yang surfaces.

I have been studying Feng Shui as a means to determine what is missing or wrong in people’s environments. As a Decorator I find it the ultimate tool to remedy my clients design dilemmas when they call me because they cannot pinpoint the problem. They don’t know why their space just doesn’t feel right. Whether I tell my clients I am doing Feng Shui or not, I will always apply the principles of Five Elemental balancing and YinYang. In many cases when I encounter this the client has moved and suddenly their existing furnishings don’t feel the same in the new space or they have replaced their cream fabric sofas with new dark brown leather ones and now their other furniture isn’t working and they can’t figure it out because everything is the same size.

What is wonderful is that there are also shapes that represent each of these elements. By knowing this I can mix shapes, sizes, textures and patterns to create the right mix for a balanced environment. If you are feeling an imbalance consider a Feng Shui perspective to heal your space.