Sleep Well, Live Well

Laurel Colins |

Interior Decorator Vancouver

The best thing you can do for yourself is get a good night’s sleep. Science backs this up. A good night’s sleep can improve memory and performance at work or school. Children who lack a good night’s sleep can show signs of ADHD. Sleep improves life-span, if you sleep better you live better. A good sleep can reduce stress and inflammation, which can aggravate disorders such as diabetes and arthritis. Every aspect of you can be affected if you don’t sleep well. I have recently been enjoying the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Working in a bedding store there has been much to learn about how bedding can help or hinder sleep. I used to sleep on my beautiful comfy cozy featherbed with my high thread count sheets. So soft and lovely I was ecstatic about how cushy and deluxe my bed was. Once the learning process about bedding began the truth was discovered about high thread count cotton sheets, and featherbeds, nothing bad just the fact that they are warmer. Well this explained being awakened in a horrible sweat every night. High thread count sheets are made with very fine threads and there are more threads per square inch than a lower count sheet with a tighter weave and less air circulation. This creates a smooth soft deluxe feeling sheet, perfect for when one need to be warm, or for a person that tends to be cold in bed. A lower thread count cotton sheet, is not as soft and tends to be crisper feeling. They are made with a thicker thread, therefore less threads per square inch making them more breathable and in fact more durable. Now one could go on at length about sheets. High or low T/C not all sheets are created equal. There are many variables when it comes to sheeting such as where the cotton is grown, type of cotton and thread length, but I want to get back to sleep.

The other big thing affecting sleep for myself was the featherbed, sleeping on feathers is very warm and combined with the high T/C cover on the featherbed as well as the high T/C sheets was simply too warm. Our bodies naturally produce sweat to lower body temperature when we are hot then we become cold and suddenly fully awake and uncomfortable and needing to readjust and go through the whole process of falling back to sleep again which often never happens. I would never have imagined my bedding could be the cause of this miserable nightly ritual. Enter now the wonderful fibre wool and all its helpful restorative properties.

Wool is a natural temperature regulator and it also wicks moisture away. So when sweating in the night does occur, because it will (life change etc) you may not become fully awake thanks to the wool absorbing the moisture from your body and keeping you temperature regulated so you don’t miss a beat on sleep.

It is very important you find the right bedding for you, your spouse, your kids and even your pet. We all deserve to be well rested. Having an uncomfortable mattress can also impact your life immensely. When the body is not supported properly one can spend a lot of time tossing and turning to find a comfortable position, until finally settling on a sleeping pose that seems ok but may be putting stress on shoulders or your back. Spending a third of ones life in bed in a position that is actually causing muscle stress and back problems is extremely detrimental. The most important thing is to get a comfortable supportive mattress and wonderful bedding and enjoy the very best quality of sleep. Everything else falls away without a good rest. We all know how it feels to drag through the day with an achy back or shoulder or so tired all you want to do is get the day over-with and go back to bed.

The bedroom should be a sanctuary. Don’t let it be your office or T.V. room. If you live in a small space and need to use your room for these purposes reduce the amount of energy running through your space by keeping these 21st century devices plugged in to a power bar which can be switched off and keep a T.V. covered while sleeping. Put your laptop away and turned off at bedtime so you can focus on your healing and rejuvenating, glorious sleep. Have the walls and the bedding be in restful tone, this is not the place for vibrant stimulating colours. People sleep better in a safe and protected space, so place your headboard against the wall to feel more secure. Ensure you can see the door from your bed, it will give you a sense of security. Close the door to an adjoining bathroom if there is one. You don’t need to be looking at a toilet, talk about “draining”. Make sure cleaning solutions used in the bedroom are not toxic chemicals and open a window for air circulation.

Sleep better, live better.

By Laurel T. Colins