Five Tips for Increasing Prosperity in Your Life

Laurel Colins |

Interior Decorator Vancouver

 Tip #1

Place a bowl or jar near your front door and drop a penny in it each time you go in or out. The front door is the primary mouth of Ch'i energy into your home and this positive/good energy will be stimulated by the presence of the coins. Also on other levels, consciously and unconsciously, you are setting and reaffirming your intention to become prosperous.

Tip #2

Display a gold star in your work area. Stars are a fire symbol which represents the fame and reputation aspects of your life. Seeing a Gold Star regularly, even in your unconscious mind is a reminder of your goals to succeed and prosper financially and professionally. Didn't we all love when our teacher gave us a gold star for our excellent work. Good job!

Tip #3

Create a focal point in your office or work space. When your mind starts to wander you can use this focal point to bring your attention back to your objective to earn money and should be something attractive. A picture of a mountain, which represents your long-term financial goals for example or a vase of flowers, such as a mix of red and yellow blooms, which are good prosperity colours would work nicely as long as you remember to replace wilting blooms. Something with the colour white would also work well to enhance concentration.

Tip #4

Tie a red ribbon around paid bills. Often bills can create negative feelings with people and it is important to have good vibrations about your bills. Be grateful for what the bill represents, for example heating and clean water, be grateful you were able to get the help that resulted in the bill, for example mechanic or plumber. Be grateful you have paid the bill and can wrap it up in a red ribbon and file it away. Staying focused on the positive result of the bills will serve you well to keep attracting more of the good things you desire in your life and focussing on the negative aspects of paying bills will often just attract more issues that come with the need to pay even more bills.


 Tip #5

Illuminate dark corners. Dark corners will suck out all your good Ch'i energy thus diminishing it's potential power to create wealth and prosperity. There are many easy ways to illuminate dark corners, such as under counters, by positioning track lighting so it is directed into the area, using vases or jars filled with strands of white decorative string lights works well and is decoratively pretty. Torchiere floor lamps are great for directing light up into dark corners of ceilings. Using mirrors or faceted crystals is also a great way to reflect light from shadowy corners and spaces. Hang crystals from the ceiling with a 9 inch red cord for even better results, as 9 is the number of fulfillment and red is a lucky fire colour