6 Cheap and Easy Home Projects for Couples Who Have Just Moved in Together

Natalie Jones |

Interior Decorator Vancouver

Moving in with a partner is often the first opportunity you have as a couple to truly build something together, to create something that’s completely yours. This is a wonderfully exciting thought, and it’s easy to get carried away with glamorous, home-decor-magazine-worthy ideas that perfectly encapsulate who you are as a couple.

However, your grandest plans are likely to be out of your budget — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Being on a tighter budget means more opportunities to tackle DIY projects and spend time together turning your new place into a home.

Paint the Walls

Painting is one of the easiest ways to dress up and brighten up a room. Spend some time with your partner choosing a color theme, and remember to not rely entirely on one color. According to professionals, a balanced palette should involve 60 percent dominant colors, 30 percent secondary colors, and 10 percent accent colors.

Upcycle Old Furniture

Chances are, a trip to IKEA will be one of the first things you two do together, but why not look for even cheaper furniture options? A trip to a flea market can get you some incredible deals on old furniture, and websites like Freecycle can even allow you to get stuff for free. You can then upcycle your finds to turn them from forgotten junk to into trendy accent pieces. HGTV has some great ideas on ways to upcycle old stuff: pick a few projects and then make a day of it.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a beautiful and simple way to bring personality to any room, and the great thing about them is that you can mix and match between items you both appreciate. This article from the Spruce has some great ideas for keeping things interesting, from varying image sizes to adding lighting and three-dimensional elements.

You can use just about anything for your wall: magazine covers, movie posters, prints of digital photographs you love, comic books, postcards, scraps of fabric — the list goes on and on. You can also make some DIY art together (even if neither of you is an artist), which will make for some truly personal additions to your wall.

Organize Your Kitchen

Organizing a kitchen may not seem like a decorative project, but it can be! Keeping your kitchen beautiful and organized often go hand in hand. For example, a DIY kitchen pegboard can be an attractive and practical way of storing items you use regularly.

Make Your Own Rug

Nothing ties a room together like a nice rug, but they tend to be prohibitively expensive. However, if you are crafty, there are loads of different ways that you can DIY a rug, using anything from old shirts and rags to ropes, cork, and wool. You can even turn any large piece of fabric you like (such as a tablecloth) into a rug with a rug pad and some glue.

Sort Out Your Closet Space

If you have limited storage space for clothes, you’ll need to agree on a system that works for both of you. For example, if there is only a small closet for hanging clothes, you can use wall-mounted or freestanding racks to hang favorite pieces. Bonus points if you use your rack as decor by matching the clothes on it to the room or selecting your most beautiful items.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by DIY projects and home decor ideas. Your home doesn’t have to look perfect right away, and it’s okay to space out your projects based on what matters most to the two of you. However, make sure you have a few ways to make the place feel like your own as soon as you move in, such as some pictures for the wall or a piece of furniture you chose together — the rest can come at whatever pace feels good.

We’re Natalie and Jason Jones, and we recently purchased our first home. Now, we want to help you learn from our experience. For more tips and tricks, please visit us at homeownerbliss.info.