10 Tips to Create a Beautiful Home that Supports Your Success

Laurel Colins |

Interior Decorator Vancouver

10 Tips to Create a Beautiful Home that Supports Your Success

Most people don't associate the condition of their homes with contributing (or not) to their success. Indeed most people think of their homes as an indication of their success (or lack thereof)... but it is my deep conviction that our homes can either add to our success, or detract from it. Here's how to make your home a success magnet:

  1. De-clutter. I have said it before and I will say it again, you’ve heard it over and over!! This step must be done. The clutter in your home, even if it looks tidy is actually causing you stress, overwhelm and keeping you stuck in old patterns. This is why you can’t seem to move forward or gain traction in your desired success. Remember as well, that clutter comes in disguises. It can be in the form of unopened mail, unfinished projects (even a cute craft project if it never gets done), images on the wall you don’t like, appointments you avoid making, it is essentially anything that is taking up space in your unconscious mind because somewhere in there it knows you need to deal with it. In order to create success we need to start clearing out the mental junk and success blockers and slowly introduce the new concepts and pattern habits.


  1. Clean. Sweep. Vacuum.

Success comes from keeping in a high vibration and dirt will lower your vibes. This is why you can shift your energy levels by sweeping away settled dust and dirt physically and metaphorically. Open the curtains and let in the good chi energy, clean them so you can see clearly into your future. Any cleaning activity will raise your vibration and make you feel inspired to work, entertain, relax…it all feels better in a fresh and clean environment.

  1. Always keep fresh flowers.

Flowers have very high vibrations and the energy is related to joy and abundance. Also flowers are beautiful, each in their own individual way, as are humans. They can make you feel pampered and special. Live plants work well but make sure you take care of them, pick off dead leaves and give them love. Having fresh flowers and thriving plants in your home is sending out a message to the unconscious mind that this is a place where everything is healthy, thriving and well taken care of.

  1. Inspiring Art-Vision Boards.

 Make sure that the images surrounding you are sending the appropriate messaging to your unconscious mind. Take a look around at each and every thing on your walls and really ask yourself if it is representative of how you want to feel in your successful life. If not take it down, store it away or get rid of it if you do not like it. Give away anything that you don’t want and make space for more of what you do want. If you use a vision board (which I recommend) hang it in your Feng Shui success area and spent time looking at it every day. Again inspiring images are high vibe and high consciousness. Also your home is like a 3 dimensional vision board!

  1. Create an Alter/Sanctuary/Sacred Space.

This doesn’t have to be a large area, it could be a corner of an end table in the living room or a shelf in your bedroom. The point here is to create the space for some kind of ritual where you take time to set intention for your day and life. If you meditate or journal or pull an oracle card daily it is all good. Whatever your spiritual practice is or you want it to be, make a special space for it. This is where you can really activate the law of attraction in your life by visualizing your goals and dreams as if they are actually happening. See yourself as already having what you want. Use this area and time to say your mantras and affirmations if you have them, and if you do not then is highly suggest you get some. Remember that if you don’t plant the seeds and ideas for what you want to bring into your life then you will just get random stuff, which you may not like! So this is important, decide what you want, ask for it and expect it.

  1. Well Functioning Kitchen.

 Creating success means keeping your body and brain well nourished with high vibe foods. Fresh food made from whole ingredients as much as possible will be key in keeping your thoughts healthy as well as the rest of you. Organize the fridge, clean the stove and oven, add mirrors to these areas. Food and the cooking of food represents abundance and adding mirrors multiplies the abundance. I have so many mirrors in my food prep area and I love the effect of seeing my fruit basket reflected in the mirror reminding me of my abundance. These are again messages that are reinforcing our success and abundance goals in our unconscious mind. The reason why the unconscious mind is so important is that it is the part of the mind that is doing almost everything for you. Your conscious mind is only responsible for 10% of what you are doing, (your habits and routines). So when changing your routines you need to change the programing in your mind and all of these little things will make a big difference; and you don’t even have to try that hard. The unconscious will do it for you if you place your stuff with the right intention and energy.

  1. Entryway.

Curb appeal as they say. Your entry way and front door are your primary mouth of Chi energy into the home. You want to feel like a success when you arrive, you want guests to feel good when they come to visit as well as observe your beautiful abundant life and gratitude for your home and everything that it represents. There are loads of ideas for entry ways which you can find online to suit your particular needs. I like to make sure people can clearly see and read the house/apartment/suite number. Make sure there is a clear path to the front door which is also visible from the road or street. Keep your entry clean and unobstructed. A wreath, flower urns, decorative wall plaques, or feng shui greeters such as a fountain or statuary that is welcoming. You know what they say about first impressions, and this is it for you, even if you go there every day it still needs to be a positive experience each time.


  1. Relaxing comfortable bedroom and bed.

Success is nothing without our health and getting proper rest is integral to good health. Your bedroom should be only for sleeping and romance so try to keep the TV and home gym out of there. Of course in small space living we need to use our bedroom for multi purposes so if you have things stored under the bed, make them neat and organized in attractive containers. Keep your closet clean and remove clothes you are no longer wearing on a regular basis (again making room for new by letting go of the old) If there is a bathroom connected to your bedroom, keep the door closed at night and don’t place your headboard on the wall that has the toilet behind it. Cover with a nice cloth, whichever does not promote sleep at bedtime ie; office stuff/TV. Some people enjoy watching TV in bed and even falling asleep with it on. The problem with this is that right before you go to bed you should be planting good thoughts that you want to grow in your unconscious while you sleep. This is a perfect time to visualize your goals or read some information you enjoy and want to know more of, or imagining the perfect flow of the next day. Whatever you are putting into your mind right before you go to sleep is so important if you want to live a more successful life. The news or a crime dramatic show are some of the worst things you could watch before bed.


  1. Home Office.

Whatever your home office is, either a corner of a room or a full room of it’s own, try to make it in your success area if you can. Sit in your power seat this generally means you should be able to see the door. The reason being is that we have an instinctive fight or flight reflex within us and in our unconscious minds if we are not able to see if danger is coming it actually affects our brain waves thus affecting our ability to really get into a flow state with our work. Once again so much of what may be hindering our success is unconscious. You may say to me well my back is to the door and I work just fine that way. I would beg to differ and suggest you try flipping your desk around. It seems most desks I see are only finished on one side and need to be placed up against a wall. So if you don’t have the luxury of switching your position then place a mirror in front of you, it doesn’t have to be large but only needs you to be able to view the door and anyone who may be coming your way thus putting your mind at ease.

  1. Create a learning and self-cultivation area.

With your goals for success it is important to be a constant learner. So this means you will want to have a space where you can sit and read books on the topics of your choice. If you don’t have the luxury of your own personal library, then choose a chair in your home that is comfortable. Get yourself a reading light so you are not straining your eyes. Add a pretty toss cushion and a throw to cozy up and make the spot really inviting to go to. When you want to bring anything new into your life you have to create the space for it. It makes sense! Your success habits must include some variation  of reading, journaling, meditation, oracle cards, visualizing, lighting candles, prayer, the choice is yours and the order and length of time you choose to do each of these things is up to you. But if you make the decision and create the space for it you are more likely to remember to include it in your day until it becomes second nature (programmed into your unconscious mind). This area could also be where you choose to have your alter. A morning routine I enjoy in my living room chair is pulling an oracle card, journaling on what it means to me and then reading some personal development material. Do everything you can to make your first activities in the morning ‘transformational and not transactional’. This means do not check your facebook, email or Instagram when you get up. Once again this is changing your brainwaves and getting the overwhelm amped up for the day.