How to Make a Vision Board that Really Works plus the Three Secrets You Need to Know…

Laurel Colins |

Interior Decorator Vancouver


 Why make a vision board?

It’s a powerful tool for manifesting anything you want as long as you believe it’s possible.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

A Vision board activates the law of attraction and the power of manifestation.

Spend time every day visualizing your goals, the more time you spend visualizing and thinking about what you want (instead of what you don’t want) the more likely you are to focus on achieving them.

You will attract people and circumstances into your life which move you towards the goals as well as be inspired to take action on those goals.

You create the circumstances and situations in your life already so why not be mindful and intentional about creating exactly what you want.

If you can spend a minute and a half three times a day visualizing what you want it will transform your life.

“You become what you think about most of the time.” Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret.

 In this process we are going to incorporate principles of feng shui by combining  the power of the earth and it’s elemental energy and by intentionally placing your images. 

We’re going to use the feng shui Bagua map which is split into a grid of nine areas (which would be considered the nine environments of life).

I love to use this grid because; first of all it brings a holistic approach to creating your board because you are going to think about all the 9 environments of your life not just the areas that people often tend to focus on such as wealth or health.

Secondly, it prompts you to think about who do you need to know in order to create that goal you have in mind, what do you need to learn in order to achieve that goal and where do you need to travel to meet the people that will assist you with your goals or what kind of fun activities do you need to do in order to increase creativity in your life etc.


Energy cycles of Feng Shui

Why set goals?

We set goals so we can do and be something different.

If we want to get a new life you need to get a new vision for that life otherwise without goals and vision you just keep getting more of what you’ve already got.

“We can change the World by brightening the corner where we are. Make the most of yourself and your experience, make the best of your time on this planet by enjoying what you have right now, while creating even better and more of what you want in the future.” Earl Nightingale

What this quote is saying is very integral to manifesting your vision. It’s essential to feel good now and appreciate what you have now while taking action on creating what you want in the future.

Spending any amount of time thinking about what you don’t like about what you have is actually using the power of manifesting in the negative.

So this is the part I want you to really get. Feel good now, appreciate what you have now even if you don’t like it or want it anymore, you have to keep good feeling thoughts about it as you focus on what you want instead and allow that to flow into your life with positive vibes as much as possible.

Here is how the process works!

  1. let your inner guides show you what you love
  2. relax into a fun creative process
  3. place your images intentionally and in energetic alignment
  4.  understand what and who you need to help you achieve your goals
  5.  go forward with making the necessary changes in your three types of environments to support those changes

What are the 3 types of environments

Here is the BIG Secret!

Did you know “environment is stronger than willpower?” 

This means, your inner environment (your thoughts);

 your people environment (your associations);

 and your physical environments (your living and work spaces)

 If you want to create change in your life, you must make changes in all of these areas in order to achieve the results you desire! If you want to know more about how to create the necessary change in these environments I would love to tell you more about it, contact me here


How to Make a Feng Shui Vision Board:

- Collect images or other items that you are drawn to. Rip out the entire page from magazines etc so that you can choose what size you want to cut it when you get to the placement.

-Have photos printed from your favourite Pinterest boards.

- You can also include items that remind you of a goal including things you may not have considered, such as vitamins to remind you of your new health regime, or even medications to remind you of the commitment to rid yourself of them.

-It could be a key to a favourite place that you want to spend more time at.

-It could be a picture of something in your life currently that you would like to remind yourself to honour and appreciate more often, such as  your home or family.

- Collect words or phrases, glitter, jewels, yarn, string, oracle cards, angel cards, magnets, pictures from calendars, just go around your house and see what jumps out at you including colours etc.

- Bring all of your items together to start your vision board. You may have been collecting them throughout the year or month or week. It all works.

- Choose your Vision Board, be it poster board, cereal box, cardboard, sheet of paper, or box or a cut out of a heart or a bookmark.

- Have your supplies available, glue and scissors etc. as listed below.

- Now as you begin placing your items on the board, be sure you can say, “yes” to whatever you are placing on your board.

These should be  attainable goals that you can make happen.

If that trip to Tuscany is not attainable but the trip to an Italian cooking class is then save your picture of Tuscany for another board or use it to remind that you will go to Italy some day in the future but this year what feels achievable to you is some lessons to learn the language and culture and start learning about areas of Italy you would like to visit.

- If you are looking for pictures of people or examples of couples relating to each other, you don’t need to find a specific look for the person ie; blonde hair and blue eyes, but instead look for images of people who give you the  desired feeling. How are the people relating to each other? How are they looking at each other? Look at the expression in their eyes and to where their attention seems to be focused. Perhaps this is the way you want someone to gaze at you. 

- Cut out phrases from magazines or even fake money or you can write a cheque to your favourite charity or to the Universe and put it on your board. (Like the famous story of Jim Carrey and the $10,000,000 cheque he wrote to himself for acting services rendered, which he did earn a within a few short years).

Look for the words “I can” and “I will” and avoid any negatives. Don’t say “I want to eat food with no preservatives”.  Instead focus on what you actually want, " I want to eat whole and natural foods". This can actually be the tricky part. You might want to get out of debt and have the words No more debt on your board. This actually works for you in the negative and will actually manifest more debt or the same debt will never change, so instead say I love working toward my financial freedom or financial independence. 

- Use the Bagua Map as a Treasure Map where you can take each aspect of your life and place your items in the corresponding areas of the map on your board; (See above). Set your intentions and goals in these areas for a more powerful vision board. Often Vision Boards are mostly representing wealth or love goals and we want to be sure to include all aspects of life ant this will give balance. A good Knowledge and Self Cultivation area will actually work to improve your Wealth and Prosperity, because the more you learn and expand your personal development the more valueable you become and Helpful People and Travel will Support and improve your Love and Marriage area because you have to go out into the world to find the relationships you want in your life. Remember travel could be vacations or seminars or singles social events. 

Here are the 9 environments of the Bagua Map.

• HEALTH AND FAMILY represents, strength, growth, vitality, physical and spiritual health.

• WEALTH AND PROSPERITY represents gratitude. What are you grateful for, what makes you feel abundant? This could be your home, your family, good food, money it's personal to you.

• FAME AND REPUTATION is how you want to be seen by others. How we are authentic, our integrity and how our light shines. What we want to be known for?

• LOVE AND MARRIAGE is actually receptivity and intimacy, openness and the ability to embrace with others. What kind of relationships can we say Yes to? This may not be romantic relationships but could be business partners or mentors, coaches, friends.

• CHILDREN AND CREATIVITY represents what makes us happy, what makes us creative and fills us with wonder and keeps us buoyant. Playful like a child. Having fun is essential for relaxing and allowing new ideas to flow into your life and keep in a state of joy and pleasure.

• HELPFUL PEOPLE AND TRAVEL is about synchronicity and being in the right place at the right time. Helpful people in your life, which could be daycare worker, employer, Doctor. What kind of helpful person are you? Be the kind of helpful person you want in your life. We need to get out in the world to meet these people and to be these people and that is why helpful people and travel are placed together. This area is also for holdiays or business events, possibly where your children are going to post secondary school and you plan to travel there more often

• CAREER is the depth within us that expresses itself generally as our job. Your Mission, Your purpose. What drives you. It is our essence. What is the depth within you that keeps you moving forward in your job or career/business. It could be your family or your passion for a cause.

• KNOWLEDGE AND SELF CULTIVATION is learning and growing. Being dynamic and self- enriching. What are you learning and how. Perhaps your kids are going off to college or you want to take a course or read more. Honour your future growth here in this area.

• CENTER is how you are grounded, how you are solid and your predictability. What grounds you? Here you can put images representing the essence of how you want to feel this year. Everything stems from the center so this is an area that you will always come back to when you need to ground yourself. It could be an image of the forest or your soaker tub! Whatever you want to think of when you need to retreat in your mind to your happy place.

Create flow with your board and leave some breathing room between your images. Don’t be rigid with the Bagua, the areas can overlap into each other as they do in life.

- Harness the energy of your board by making sure the photos somehow can relate to each other and feel connected in the manner that if there are people in the photos, or scenarios, have them facing into the board instead of away. Keep the energy within the board.

Consider pictures that represent the colours for the appropriate areas of your Bagua. Make a pleasing arrangement that you are inspired to look at.


• Glue stick, glue gun, rubber cement, white glue, any or all depending

on how large or heavy your items are.

• Scissors, all sizes, x-acto knife

• Cutting mat (optional)

• Poster board, cardboard, construction paper, box with lid, book mark,

or whatever you want to place your vision onto

• Images, maps, words, beads, shells, magnets, glitter, string, keys, blank

cheque, stickers, business cards,

beach glass, postcards, whatever is resonating with you and

represents a goal or attainable desire.

To find out about my Vision Board workshops or how I can help you transform your environments for success get in touch with me here