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Interior Design Services, Paint Color Consultation in Nelson, Vancouver, BC.

Moving your stuff really can transform your life. Get instant results when you start making simple shifts.

Interior Decor Services Vancouver

Together we can find and create the vision for your life at home or office.

Create Environments that Inspire You!!

Decorating is a great way to transform your environment and feel renewed.
Repurpose what you have or add some new pieces and feel revitalized in your space.

I strive to create the best environments for you through the use of decor, colour consulting, Feng Shui, creative solutions and ideas.

I love Vintage elements and sourcing unique finds is my specialty as well as a passion. Your home should be as unique as you are and should inpsire and empower you to live your most beautiful life.

I am passionate about Feng Shui in life and decorating. Creating good energy flow in environments that work well and nurture you and your loved ones is a priority. It is an essential part of setting intentions and reinforcing the changes you want to see in your life. I use Feng Shui to create balance and harmony by using the principles of YinYang and the 5 Elements.

Moving your stuff really can transform your life. When you change your environments to reflect the beautiful goals you desire it will change the way you think about your life. Change can happen easily when you create the space to support the desire. You can get instant results when you start making these simple shifts. Don’t wait any longer, your best life is waiting for you.

Your Beautiful and Inspiring Home Awaits! Add Intention to Your Life and Decorating.

I believe that beautiful design in your environment (home or office) can be affordable for anyone and will make one of the biggest transformations in your outlook.

I also believe that incorporating some elements of Feng Shui (I like to call it intentional styling) into your environment can create an underlying energy shift that you may not even realize is there but could ultimately transform your thinking, your actions and your results.