Causal Body Realignment

What is the Causal Body?

The Causal Body is the connecting link to your Higher Self and all Higher Planes of Divine Consciousness. It is eternal and travels with the soul. Other layers of the aura die when we die but the Causal does not. It is your personal akashic record for all lives.

What is a Causal Realignment?

It is the process of bringing the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies into perfect harmonious alignment. The process also mends rips, holes, tears, and folds in the different layers of the aura and the chakras as it aligns them.

What is its Purpose?

Increases our love of self and others.

Removes negativity.

Balances attitudes and emotions.

Re-connects and strengthens connection to our Higher Self. Each treatment adds strength to the connection.

Balances the flow of energy around and through each layer of the aura.

Balances each major and minor chakra.

Subtly assists in bringing one to Self-Mastery.

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What Creates the Need for a Causal Realignment?

* Lack of emotion expression (suppression or repression of emotions).

* Excessive emotional expression (over dramatizing).

* Stressful times. Traumatic experiences.

* Times of change and choice.

* Excessive thinking. Unclear thinking.

* Fear, anxiety, anger, criticism, judgment, negativity – Excess of any of these from within self or projected by others towards self.

Symptoms of Needing a Causal Realignment

* Excessive emotional expression or lack of emotional expression.

* Not being able to relax or sleep. Sleeping too much.

* Difficulty eating or eating too much.

* Indecision and confusion. Attitudes seeking direction but remaining scattered.

* Excessive negativity or criticism or judgment.

* Unaware of a lack of compassion for others.

* Anything related to an individual’s flows of energy in any area of mind and body.

What is the Result?

Re-connection with oneself so there is better communication with Self.

Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Increased ability to love self and others.

Clearer thinking. Better sense of direction.

Improved ability to make decisions and have good boundaries.

Brings out and assists in resolving past and present conflicts, injuries, and physical imbalances in subtle, gentle, non-traumatic ways.

Better balance of emotions and attitudes.

Deepened understanding of the capacity of emotions and the need to release and disperse them to bring balance to self.

Integrated knowledge of what we have learned emotionally and spiritually.

Greater ability to live our philosophy. Increased positive thoughts and behavior.

Opens doors to talents so they may be better discovered and expressed.

Helps cleanse toxins from the physical body. Strengthens physical body.

How Does a Causal Realignment Work?

Around the physical body and the earth’s body are electro-magnetic fields or bodies called the aura. The four major layers of the aura begin with the physical which also contains energy transformation centers called chakras.

Through the physical we express our attitudes, emotions and health. Next, the astral mirrors the physical world acting as a stepping stone between spirit and matter. The mental body pertains to our mind and consciousness and is part of all the bodies. Your higher self and causal body are one and the same. Aligning with the causal body is the 3 - 4 step process of connecting you with the universal Divine love that is the highest part of you.

A Causal Realignment occurs when an electro-magnetic conductor is held above a person’s body. Interaction between the earth’s magnetic field and aura and the person’s magnetic field and aura begins to resonate through the conductor, pulling it in whatever directions it needs to move to realign the layers of the aura and chakras, including the causal body.

The distance the conductor is held in the organized steps followed during the treatment, allows the causal body to be aligned. This is the only known treatment that is able to work directly with the causal body and bring it into alignment with you and the earth.

The causal body is your personal akashic record and as it worked with, valuable personal information is often revealed.

The treatment is highly relaxing.

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