Supercharge Your Work Space! 7 Steps to Success with Laurel T Colins

Whether you work in a creative studio, corporate office, home office, kitchen table or your car, there are certain things you can do very simply that will actually act to Supercharge Your Work Space!!


Follow these 7 Steps to Success:


1,  A 1-1- POWER HOUR with me, get clear on what success is to you. Let's find out where you are heading (because it may be in circles) and where you want to go.

2, Get you in your POWER SEAT power seat, using principles of Feng Shui and energy. This will be an  important step to creating success  in your career / business. Learn how being perfectly positioned will empower you with confidence and the results you desire.

3, Once you have your power seat we CLEAR THE SPACE allowing for the success to flow to you. You’ll receive a checklist of areas to purge, before you create the transformation you need to let go of all the stuff that is keeping you stuck, overwhelmed, stressed. More than just the typical clutter, you will free your mind for creative money making success!!

4, Receive tools to help you REMOVE YOUR MENTAL BLOCKS  that could stop you from achieving success.

5, REARRANGE and REINVIGORATE by assessing what is in the space, such as , furniture, art, books, etc. Then we will remove and rearrange as required, If paint colour is necessary we can choose colours according to your goals and personal energy needs.

6, An important part of any day is setting intentions for what you want to accomplish, because if you don’t decide what you want then you just get what you get! So we will plan and CREATE AND ALTER  for SETTING INTENTIONS  that suits your needs and style. This can be your place for daily spiritual practice and meditation. Success is created by knowing what you want and then spending time every day visualizing it, creating space for this will act to keep you on track.

7, Creating your vision will be a huge part of your success and we can work together to CREATE YOUR SUPERCHARGED VISION BOARD and place it in your success direction of your work space, whether it is visible to others or not, it will be in the perfect space to gain even more clarity and reinforce your goals.



Make your goals and dreams real with the power of Feng Shui

Creating good energy flow and environments that nurture you and your loved ones is a priority. It is also an essential part of setting intentions for how you want to live your life. I use Feng Shui to create balance, harmony and good vibes by using the principles of YinYang and the 5 Elements. Feng Shui is also used to activate the Law of Attraction in your life.

Moving your stuff really can transform your life. When you change your environments to reflect the beautiful goals you desire it will change the way you think about your life. Change can happen easily when you create the space to support the desire. You will get instant results when you start making these simple shifts. Don’t wait any longer, your best life is waiting for you.

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A world of difference in my being and for my family

She helped with subtle, instant shifts that are already making a world of difference in my being and for my family. I instantly created a 'zen' space that I've always craved. All this without having to buy things or knock out walls. Money very well spent!! You will be amazed!!

Paula Owen
West Kootenay Property Rentals

Interior Design Services Vancouver

Listens to your wants, understands your needs and then creates your dreams

Laurel is someone who listens to your wants, understands your needs and then creates your dreams. She is fast, efficient and effective. i truly trust her opinion. She offers creative, beautiful ways of offering helpful advice. I love what she does.

Tanya Marie Finley
Owner at Finley's Bar and Grill

Find out How Moving Your Stuff can Transform Your Life!!

If you want things in your life to change you have to change things in your life. Move one thing, do one thing differently and the transformation has begun. Just watch the miracles start happening!!

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