Set Your Goals Creatively with a Feng Shui Vision Board

Gather a group together and set your goals creatively in a casual, relaxed and fun process.

Spend an afternoon or an evening with Laurel and find out how Feng Shui can be used to create a unique and powerful Vision Board.

Learn a little about Feng Shui and how placing items on your board in specific areas with intention can increase the power of the Vision Board.

A Vision Board is the tool for creating results, and adding Feng Shui makes it Super Powered.

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Even if you don't think you have goals this process will help you find what they are with ease!

You will love knowing that the life you want is waiting for you to create!

What you need to bring are some images or items that you want to place on your board.

We will supply poster board and coloured paper, and also loads of magazines.

Don’t feel limited, you may choose to bring something unique to use as your vision board, such as a box or a corkboard with a shaped frame.

Examples of what you could bring to place on your board are; a collection of images, magazines, calendars, maps, postcards, sea shells, beach glass, words or phrases, blank cheque, keys, business cards, stickers, yarn and even essential oil or other fragrance that inspires a goal for this year.

Whatever represents your HOPES, GOALS, DREAMS, THOUGHTS , VISION and HONOURS all of your senses.

We will also have magazines and some other fun items available to work with.

If you don’t have time to look for images, that’s ok, come and get started on the vision board with us and finish it at home. This is going to be a very fun and inspiring experience.

It’s a fun, informative and inspirational time well spent.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in 2018

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Doing a vision board helps you discover what you really want in life

I hope you will email me and ask me to send you my Free Vision Board gift and create your vision board.

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I would really love to speak with you. Let's design your beautiful life together!
Or schedule a workshop with a group of your friends, co-worker or even your spouse!
I find most often it is couples who really need to get on the same "vision" and a vision board is the perfect way to do so.

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A great way to understand what you really want in life

That was so much fun and a great way to understand what you really want in life. Thank you for that!

Kathy Jarvis
Business woman making a transition in life after a 20 year career.

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You allowed us to set the pace and kept us engaged through out.

The Feng Shui Vision Board Workshop was a meditative grounding exercise. You allowed us to set the pace and kept us engaged through out. Wonderful experience.

Maureen Berk
Salmo Community Resource Services, Salmo B.C.

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