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Laurel T. Colins is the founder of Beautiful Living. She's a best-selling author, interior stylist, certified Dream Coach Ⓡ, Essential Feng Shui Ⓡconsultant and Law of Attraction teacher. Colins has over 30 years experience consulting with business owners, home owners, as well as VIP’s, and continues a longstanding career in the fast-paced film industry.

Laurel T Colins is The Beautiful Living Coach

  • What I have learned over my many years of experience is that if you don’t have a clear vision for what you want it will keep you stuck and hold you back from living your purpose and leading a happy and fulfilled life.
  • The number one step in any process for manifesting your dreams, creating a lifestyle, home style or business plan is clarity.
  • I have a tried and true method for helping people find clarity and it’s easier than you can imagine! It’s fun too!
  • Once you have this clear focus and direction it’s time to create boundaries (which comes more naturally now that you are so clear on your path).
  • Because my expertise is in creating environments and beautiful spaces, I work with you to find out what’s in your spaces that is hindering your desires from fully coming to fruition, then we can remove these hidden blocks. My long career has shown me time and time again that it’s our stuff that is keeping us stuck.
  • Then we decorate and style you up with intentional placement using elements of Feng Shui to ensure a successful outcome.

I will take you by the hand with the decorating and design process, give you confidence, peace of mind and the best design choices.

  •  My aim is to push you out of your comfort zone and perhaps try something you never would have considered and love it. It feels good to stretch and grow in all aspects of life and style.
  • Think of me as a fresh set of Feng Shui eyes to help you think outside of the box.
  • The energy work we do together is the Secret Sauce to creating magic.
  •  Adding clarity and intention into your life and style, means you can Manifest your most beautiful life.
  • I am also a best-selling author, and enjoy a long standing career in the fast paced film industry.


 Interior Design Vancouver BC

Happy Clients

  •  Interior Design Vancouver BC

    She is filled with creativity and spending time with her is so inspiring.

    When Laurel walks into your home she passionately has the vision and talent to make any space into a beautiful, practical and functional one. She is filled with creativity and spending time with her is so inspiring to make your own living space the best it can possibly be.

    Shelley Adams Author,
    Whitewater Cooks cook book series

  •  Interior Design Vancouver BC

    I found her to be wildly creative!

    Laurel played a key role in the execution of the interior decorating plan for the Hume Hotel’s new spa. I found her to be wildly creative with a meticulous attention to detail essential for a stunning final outcome. Working with her on this project was thoroughly enjoyable and I would not hesitate to hire her in the future..

    Leandra Martin
    Founder Aura Spa and Salon at The Historic Hume Hotel in Nelson B.C.

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